PIW Machinery, Inc. has been servicing the pipe and tube Industry since 1997 as a Capital Equipment Supplier offering Engineering / Consulting Services.

Consulting of Engineering Services

PIW Machinery, Inc. with our 47 years experience in the processing of tubular products has developed a format to assist our customers in developing a plan for the complete facility layout and process flow.

Project Study Development: This is a working document developed with the customer to identify the processing and financial goals of the project.

  • Overview of facility layout and objectives
    in processing and sales.
  • Product specifications in size and grades.
  • Productivity output of each producing machine
    for a balanced facility.
  • Sales forecast to assure the facility can produce
    the product efficiently.
  • Process Flow Charts, Utility requirements, Buildings, etc.
    to develop an accurate CAPEX for the investment.
  • All this to assure that the management has the signoff
    of sales, production and maintenance before approval

PIW Machinery, Inc. with over 47 years of experience in the market has been involved in numerous offshore projects requiring guidance on US market entry. We have participated with our customers to not only supply technical support but also to supply US Market Intelligence to support the decision to access the US distribution system. This has included volumes import / domestic, pricing and distribution network knowledge. We accomplish his through companies such as Eagle Pipe LLC and other industries sources we have developed.

Upgrade Maintenance

PIW Machinery, Inc. has assisted our customers in the upgrade of their existing equipment when the purchase of new equipment is outside their budget. Our services include the ability to upgrade, rebuild

Mechanical, hydraulic components while supplying new electrical components and programming to increase production or to expand range of products to be produced.

Hot Rotary Straighter Retrofit - Upgrade Controls
Facers - Upgrade Controls

PIW Machinery has an inventory of machines that can be refurbished to the customer’s specifications. The machine is disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt using new parts and components as needed. The end result is a fully functional machine that is customized to your specific requirements without the price tag of a new machine.

pipe Face And Bevel Machines With Handling

Wirth Pipe Bevelers / #RBd-100/610/8m
4.5″-24″size / Dual machines with
transfer sys / 1977

Rolls, Plate Bending,
Pyramid Type

40′ x 1.18″ Graebener / 3 roll bender
type GDR with post pending press / 24″-62″size,2005

Circ Seam Milling

Graebener Circ Seam Milling Machine
for sale / (238709) [S] [P]

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring
that our customers have the machinery solutions they need to succeed.

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